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City Care Partnership
Improving the lives and outcomes for people with learning disabilities and Autism


Where possible we prefer to use the community resources available locally, but where they aren't available, we have a history of making it happen ourselves. We've created our own Urban Farm and Stables and also launched a fully working Cafe and Resource Centre!


Current Vacancies

City Care is clearly a well established, highly respected and successful organisation within both the local and wider community, various inspectorates, staff, service users and their families have a very high regard for this company.
The ethos of care and support was there [at City Care Partnership], every bit as much for the employees, as for the service users.

Investors in People: a recent report.

I've been given lots of opportunities to take on new responsibilities and expand my skill set. I'm certainly never bored working here!

Sekai Seawell, Office Manager

The company genuinely puts strategies in place to help people make the most of themselves

Matt Donovan, Support Worker

It's not just the health and lifestyle benefits, research shows physical activity boosts self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy

Tom Foley, Qualified Walk Leader, City Care Partnership

I want all disabled people; whatever their age or background, to have the opportunity to fulfill their potential – to lead full and active lives that are valued by society.

Esther Mc Vey, MP Minister for Disabled People

The biggest single lesson we have learnt is that the earlier we support people in their own community, the greater their chance of succeeding in life.

I think the service is brilliant. I am very happy with the support I get from my support workers, they are great. We talk about my health plan and things I want to do all the time. I also have a job which I really like.

Anonymous client response to the Care Quality Commission inspection, 2013


Creating a wealth of opportunities

Whether it’s education, employment or simply having fun, City Care will support people to access appropriate courses, work experience, paid employment and social & leisure activities

City Care Partnership is committed to providing or sourcing any resource that may help an individual progress in life. This may include getting help with housing, further education, healthcare and finding a job. With appropriate support in place, individuals can get the things they want out of life and we are experienced in helping them to achieve this. We have a number of housing solutions in local communities within Manchester which can be tailored to suit the needs of any individual. We deliberately choose locations at the heart of vibrant communities so that there are immediate local resources and facilities to hand.

In order to build relationships within the community you have to be in that community. We’ve learnt that sharing community facilities, using local shops, local leisure opportunities, even regularly travelling on the same buses, leads to an individual not just being in the community but being a real part of that community, and building natural lasting relationships within it.

Manchester offers fantastic facilities and the people we support become part of a multi-cultural city with a wealth of leisure activities, sport, entertainment and culture at their fingertips. We believe that the people we support should enjoy and experience as many of these opportunities as possible, in order to enrich and maximise their lives.

To complement the many opportunities available within the local community and the city, we have developed a number of resources that help the people we support to develop their skills and independence. We can then manage exposure to new experiences in order to develop the individual’s confidence to expand these skills within the wider community. For instance, the therapy pool within the Broom Lane complex can be used to build up confidence in the water, which then makes trips to Levenshulme baths and Manchester Aquatic Centre a more rewarding experience creating an upward spiral in engagement and enjoyment. A simple example of “Manage Risk… Maximise Life” in action.

As part of our commitment to the people we support enjoying a healthy lifestyle, we take regular walking/hiking trips out of the city to the peak district and local countryside. To expand this and provide consistent opportunity, we created a working urban farm where the people we support not only develop a relationship with other plot holders to trade knowledge and experience but also work with horses, dogs, goats and chickens and gain experience of animal husbandry. The horse riding in particular is both therapeutic and confidence building.

For those individuals with particular interest this has led to a responsible position at the farm, gaining independence, experience and boosting self esteem. Some individuals have taken these transferrable new skills into employment outside of the organisation.

At City Care we continuously strive to provide the resources and the educational framework to enhance the skills, knowledge and experiences of the people we support and have seen numerous examples where this has resulted in individuals far exceeding their own expectations and truly succeeding in maximising their life.



For referrals, in the first instance, please telephone our Care Management Office: 0161 428 1086

For emergency referrals outside office hours please call our Outreach Support Team: 0161 495 7923

For non-urgent enquiries please use the form below:



If your child is facing transition to adult services we understand the fears and anxieties of that young person and their family. There are a lot of factors to consider and getting accurate information and support during transition is very important. We have successfully helped others through this process and whilst the challenges can seem daunting, they can also be exciting and rewarding for all involved. If you are in this position and are unsure of the way forward, we would be more than happy to discuss it with you.



City Care Partnership aims for the highest possible standards across the service we provide and in everything that we do. Quality runs throughout all areas from our service development, assessment of need, packages of support and the systems around them.

Our diverse range of person centred services offer something for everyone. We pride ourselves on being a transparent organisation and we are always willing to learn. This can be from the people we support; their families and friends; our support teams, actually we believe that we can learn from everyone we have contact.

Innovative Tenants Voices ensure that everyone has the chance to have their say and this is supported through Family Forums and questionnaires. Running alongside this is our Quality Assurance Manager does regular inspections, unannounced visits & audits of the services. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and we are very proud to be fully compliant in all our areas of support.

Please feel free to explore our website and see some of the many things we do which go towards providing these high quality opportunities. Feel free to contact us with your feedback, lets us know what you like and where you think there are opportunities to develop so we can continually improve what we do.

Investors In People: Report 2011

"City Care Partnership has a culture, and approach to managing people that contributes directly to its capability to manage change while providing very high standards of care. The skills and attributes of people are an essential resource in the mix that results in a core capability of adaptability, and people management practices result in excellent team working, motivation and commitment."
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