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City Care Partnership
Improving the lives and outcomes for people with learning disabilities and Autism

Staff Area

Hello and welcome to the staff area of the website.

Following on from the staff forum meetings in the summer we’ve developed this site to provide an area where we can exchange knowledge, information and ideas with each other.

Information sharing

Within this section are a number of ways we can share information on the organization, the steering group, future plans, and more importantly, ways in which you can feedback and have your say in how we develop. We’d also welcome your suggestions for how to develop this staff area so that it becomes a useful tool for all.


Within the staff benefits area will be information regarding career paths, staff benefits, training and career development and we’ll introduce new information as you request it.

News and updates

In the News and updates section we’ll regularly post new information for you – there is space to directly post your thoughts below each item. There is also the opportunity to discuss your thoughts on these topics, or any conversation you wish to begin in the open forum, where other staff members can join the discussion.


We’re always willing to take suggestions and action your ideas and this is the ideal way to also keep you informed on the results of those suggestions. If you have a direct suggestion on how to improve our service, or any part of the organization then there is also a staff feedback section, which will send your message direct to senior management for further action.


The Staff Feedback section can be used anonymously by following the instruction on the page and logging out first – it is important to us that you feel free to discuss your thoughts and ideas with us, but we are aware that in some instances you wish to ensure anonymity.

We also welcome your ideas on how to improve the site so that we can share ideas amongst ourselves in a productive and transparent way. We will be posting sensitive business information, which we are happy to share with staff but please keep this information within the organisation. We also request that all posts maintain the professional standards you maintain in day-to-day contact and refrain from profane or discriminatory language. We look forward to joining the conversation!



For referrals, in the first instance, please telephone our Care Management Office: 0161 428 1086

For emergency referrals outside office hours please call our Outreach Support Team: 0161 495 7923

For non-urgent enquiries please use the form below:



If your child is facing transition to adult services we understand the fears and anxieties of that young person and their family. There are a lot of factors to consider and getting accurate information and support during transition is very important. We have successfully helped others through this process and whilst the challenges can seem daunting, they can also be exciting and rewarding for all involved. If you are in this position and are unsure of the way forward, we would be more than happy to discuss it with you.



City Care Partnership aims for the highest possible standards across the service we provide and in everything that we do. Quality runs throughout all areas from our service development, assessment of need, packages of support and the systems around them.

Our diverse range of person centred services offer something for everyone. We pride ourselves on being a transparent organisation and we are always willing to learn. This can be from the people we support; their families and friends; our support teams, actually we believe that we can learn from everyone we have contact.

Innovative Tenants Voices ensure that everyone has the chance to have their say and this is supported through Family Forums and questionnaires. Running alongside this is our Quality Assurance Manager does regular inspections, unannounced visits & audits of the services. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and we are very proud to be fully compliant in all our areas of support.

Please feel free to explore our website and see some of the many things we do which go towards providing these high quality opportunities. Feel free to contact us with your feedback, lets us know what you like and where you think there are opportunities to develop so we can continually improve what we do.

Investors In People: Report 2011

"City Care Partnership has a culture, and approach to managing people that contributes directly to its capability to manage change while providing very high standards of care. The skills and attributes of people are an essential resource in the mix that results in a core capability of adaptability, and people management practices result in excellent team working, motivation and commitment."
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